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The real estate sector is one of the fastest growing and ever-gaining sectors; having emerged one of the biggest gainers in 2015, a year of unpredictable economic outcomes. Real estate investors turned out the biggest beneficiaries in the year, earning higher returns as compared to investors who went for other options.

Karen sells itself as a high-end area for rentals. Units in gated communities in Karen have average rental rates of Kes 275,000 per month, for 300sqm, exclusive of service charge. It is in this respect that you should highly consider investing in Situ Village. Here is why you should:

  • Karen is an affluent, secure and attractive suburb in Nairobi, Kenya, situated Southwest of the city centre.
  • In comparison to other high-end residential areas in Nairobi, Karen seen the greatest increase in land prices, fivefold, over the last 7 years.
  • The neighbourhood offers a blend of colonial bungalows and villas on stunning, expansive grounds, and has ensured its continuing sense of country life around modern, urban centres and facilities.
  • It hosts a diverse population, both local and global individuals, with a large number of expatriate residents.
More reasons to buy and invest.

Situ Village is only 20km from the CBD; hence roughly a 30mins drive. You will need only 45mins to drive to the airport from Situ on a no-traffic day.

How to buy

For Situ Village, we have tailor-made a handful of payment plan options to suit the methods of financing best preferred by our clients. Here are some options you can consider:

Cash Plan

For this option, a 10% deposit is required and then the remaining 90% is paid within 90 days.

Installment Plan

For this second option, a 10% deposit is paid initially. This is followed by 70% of the amount staggered over the construction period and the remaining 20% is paid upon completion.

Mortgage Plan

For the final payment plan option, 10% is paid as a deposit and the remaining 90% is paid on completion of the project.


Here is why you should: You will have rental yield of 5.5%, capital appreciation on your property will be 19%, meaning you stand to get a total return of 24.5%.



Buying into Situ Village is more than buying your next place of residence, it's buying into a community , a place to live and play.